Facebook Flirting With Self-Destruction App

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“This message will self-destruct in 3, 2, …..”

The talk around tech town is that Facebook is considering the production of a message self-destruction feature on their social network. Akin to Snapchat, where users can choose how long a recipient has to view their message before sending it with a maximum of ten seconds; Facebook may integrate a similar idea on their mobile app. Snapchat, as the projected Facebook app, allows users to send and receive pictures and videos along with text.

Mike Isaac of All Things D writes, “After a user opens the new app, they’re presented with a list of current message threads between them and their friends. Hold your finger down on one of the threads and a timer comes up to ask how long the message should be viewable. From there, you’re able to send the message — which, just like on Snapchat, will only be viewable for a fixed period of time.”

I can’t honestly think of a reason to use such a service. I’ve never sent a message to someone that I didn’t want them to receive and this self-destruction business seems to open the doors to confusion and potentially lost or undelivered messages. To me, that’s a real conflict of purpose. What’s the point of sending a message to someone if it’s going to swipe itself away in ten seconds?

Your thoughts?

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