Youtube’s Capture App, Shoot and Share on the Fly

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On Monday, Youtube released their Capture app for iPhone and iPod Touch. With a direct link to the video hosting website, users can now easily film and upload a video in a quick few clicks on their Apple handheld.

When your subject is ready to be shot, click record on the app’s main page and do your thing. Caption the video accordingly, decide where you’d like to share it and simply select ‘Share.’ Control who is able to view your video using Capture’s privacy features and you’re good to go.

The app can also help enhance your work, providing color correction, shot stabilization and time editing features. Add background music from your iTunes collection to really complete your directorial vision. It’s also worth noting that any editing done on the app will reflect and can be manipulated on, proper.

Now, almost everyone really can be a videographer. I can see myself using Capture next time I’m at a music show or if I see something hilarious while people-watching on public transit. Also, sometimes a text message just doesn’t convey exactly what you’re trying to say to someone. Using the Youtube Capture app, film your thoughts and send your friend a link to watch your message. Talk about modern communication.

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