Sony To Start Jelly Bean Updates in February 2013 with the Xperia T, TX and V

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While we all hate to see our Android smartphones waiting for software updates for months on end, we probably hate even more not knowing when or if they’ll get the bumps. That happens and has happened in the past due to the reluctance of many companies to publicly discuss upgrading plans, but fortunately there are exceptions too.

Sony for instance has always been open about ICS updating plans and now we can say the same about Jelly Bean. The Xperia makers have just announced the order of devices set to get JB, starting with the high-end T, TX and V.

All three are planned to get Android 4.1 “during February and March 2013”, while the Xperia P, J and go will be upgraded “from the end of March”. The Xperia S, SL, ion and acro S will get the software bumps “in the subsequent weeks” (so, during April and May), while the U, miro, tipo and sola will unfortunately be left out of this updating wave.

No words about Android 4.2 upgrading plans, but hopefully the second JB version will be just around the corner from the first.

Via [Sony]

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