Hot iPhone 5 Deals: Starting at $126 at Fry’s, $127 and Up at Walmart

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You probably didn’t think you’ll be seeing the iPhone 5 selling at a lower price than Best Buy’s $150 very soon, but Santa Claus is really generous this year. Fry’s and Walmart have managed to considerably undercut BB’s already very lucrative deal, now offering the world’s most sought after smartphone for $126 and $127 respectively.

Of course, we’re still talking about on-contract prices, so you’ll have to pen new two-year carrier agreements, but I know that’s not going to be a problem. Another catch is that both Fry’s and Walmart sell the iPhone 5 only in brick and mortar stores nowadays, so you’re going to have to track a down a store and pray Apple’s bestseller is still in stock.

If 16 GB of on-board storage is not going to be enough for you, Fry’s and Walmart have special prices for the 32 and 64 GB iPhone 5s too – $226 and $227 for the former and $326 and $327 for the latter. Finally, the 4S goes for $47 and up at Walmart stores for a limited time. Talk about happy holidays!

Via [Slashgear]

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