Rumor: Sony ‘Yuga’ Will Be Top of the Line

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Rumor has it that Sony is working on ‘Yuga,’ a smartphone with the works. A five-inch screen, 1080p hi-def display and 4.2 Android, though Sony has yet to respond to the leaked images over at The Verge.

Questions have been raised about ‘Yuga’ including a next-gen screen. WhiteMagic, designed by JDI uses an all white extra sub-pixel display, creating a cleaner and brighter image than predecessors and easier on the battery. Also, speculations say the device may include the latest Qualcomm processor with two gigabytes of RAM.

We’re hoping to squash said rumors next month at CES and get a feel for ‘Yuga,’ or whatever moniker it will have adopted by then. If you know any further information, please let us know!

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