BlackBerry 10 Gets Demo’d in New York

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Last week at New York Times DealBook: Opportunities for Tomorrow Conference, BlackBerry provided an exclusive preview of their new BlackBerry 10 smart device. Frank Boulben, CMO for BlackBerry and Vivek Bhardwaj, Head of Software portfolio were present for a hands-on demo, presented to some of the industry’s financial and economic key players.

The demonstration focused on some of the newest and coolest features coming to BlackBerry. Spotlighting on the new BlackBerry Hub feature, an all-in-one app for all interactions made from your phone — text or picture messages, e-mails, BBM, phone calls and social network alerts. This is against the norm, where each outlet has its own dedicated app.

Also, the new BlackBerry keyboard version drew a lot of buzz, despite the device being full-touch. “It goes to show the effort we’ve taken to make sure the keyboard on BlackBerry 10 feels like a BlackBerry keyboard,” said Bhardwaj.

Clearly a departure from classic BlackBerry devices, in terms of look and interface, the 10 can be exactly what the smart device manufacturer needs to regain footing in the market. BlackBerry seems to have been on a bit of hiatus and its nice to see the company taking strides in this direction. I can’t wait to demo the BlackBerry 10. Anyone get to play with it yet?

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