Samsung Named 2012 Top Phone Maker

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PC Magazine published on Tuesday that Samsung, maker of Galaxy S III smartphone has topped Nokia for the top phone maker of 2012 position. The results were recorded from data in a new study from IHS iSuppli.

Samsung ranked at number two last year. It’s expect account of about 29 percent of worldwide cell phone shipments, up from 21 percent in 2011, deemed Samsung as this years best. Nokia’s standings list them at 24 percent this year, down from 30 percent last year and putting an end to their run on top since 1998.

The data also shows that more people in general are using smartphones. With just a one percent increase in cell phone shipments, smartphones saw a projected 35.5 percent increase in shipments this year. Smartphones, the fastest-growing segment of the market, accounted for nearly half of all wireless handset shipments in 2012.

“Samsung made significant gains in both the high end as well as the low-cost market with its Galaxy line of smartphones,” iHS Suppli said. “This diversified market approach has allowed Samsung to address a larger target audience for its phones that Apple’s limited premium iPhone line.”

In 2012, Samsung surely had a huge year, showing signs of greatness since first quarter when they first topped Nokia in sales. They are projected to reach 59 percent of total smartphone sales for 2013, a “significant tipping point” in the cellphone market.

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