Your Google Music Collection is About to Sound a Lot Better

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Google Music users in the United States just received a new feature that will likely increase the sound quality of their library. Google has activated its scan and match system that will also make uploading songs a whole lot faster. Here’s how it works.

Every time you upload a song or album to Google Music, Google will automatically compare it against music that’s already available on its servers. If it finds a match, it will instantly add those songs to your Google Music library at quality up to 320 kbps. It doesn’t even matter if the original file was of lower quality. You’ll still get the best Google has to offer. If no match is found, the file(s) will upload as normal.

The higher quality songs will only be available in streaming form. If you decide to download the files, you’ll get the same version you originally tried to upload.

Having higher quality streams is great, but you’ll ultimately be restricted by data restrictions if you’re not connected to Wi-Fi. T-Mobile and Sprint are the only major carriers in the United States that offer real unlimited data without speed restrictions. If you try to stream a lot of music at 320 kbps on other carriers, you’ll find yourself gobbling up gigabytes of data every day.

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