Samsung to Continue Sale on 8 Phones, Apple Chagrined

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Federal Judge Lucy Koh.

In the midst of a patent battle, U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh has ruled late on Monday in favor of Samsung, allowing the Korean technology company to continue selling eight smartphone models, including their popular Galaxy S III.

Apple sued Samsung over breaching some of their design patents, stating that aspects of their iPhone and iPad design and UI elements of iOS were infringed upon. Samsung countered with a lawsuit on Apple over the iPhone company infringing on their 3G patents.
The ruling was made, denying the granting of an injunction barring the sale of the Samsung phones because there is no evidence suggesting consumers specifically sought Samsung’s product features in question.

“Weighing all of the factors, the Court concludes that the principles of equity do not support the issuance of an injunction here,” wrote Koh. “The fact that Apple may have lost customers and downstream sales to Samsung is not enough to justify an injection. Apple must have lost these sales because Samsung infringed Apple’s patents,” which would be hard to prove.

Seperately, the judge declined Samsung request for a retrial, resulted from information concerning the lawsuit of Vel Hogan, jury foreman, from Seagate technologies in 1993. Having worked for the hard drive company who shares a “substantial strategic relationship” with Samsung, Hogan having been fired led to his own bankruptcy. With that, Samsung had little to complain about over the Judge’s ongoing ruling in the case.

This ruling comes after a $1 billion win for Apple over the Korean tech leaders, in August. We’ll keep you updated as details roll out.

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