Meet Edifier’s Sweet-Lookin’ e1100 Predator Speakers

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These is nothing like your desktop’s stock audio system. Edifier, award-winning audio speaker company, introduces their Predator sound system. An excellent sound range and user-friendly 3-point system with universal adaptability, all in a muscly design. But be careful, it looks like it’ll bite you.

The e1100 Predator’s downward-facing sub woofer is the key role of its system, providing extra deep bass, with a bass adjustment knob to fit your personal tastes. Two desktop satellite speakers, each with a 2 inch front firing full-range drive and a 2 inch passive radiator cover your upper-mids and high very nicely. Again, the whole look of these guys are super cool, extra-terrestrial yet simple on the front and a smooth, bulbous back — like a friendly, alien entertainment group sitting on your work desk.

The speakers are magnetically shielded for safety, durability and superb sound; sporting a 200Hz – 20Hz frequency response in the little ones and 20Hz – 100Hz for the subwoofer. That’s the range you’re looking for, when it comes to intense gaming, prime for ‘feeling’ explosive scenes in action movies or just simply rocking out to your favorite mp3s during a much-needed break from your workday.

Its 3.5mm auxiliary input makes it nearly anything-ready; mp3 players, Apple products, laptops, cellphones and just about anything else electronic that makes sound — simple and effective. It’s $79.99 price tag on Edifier’s website is worth it for knowing that H.P. Lovecraft may have been using them, let alone its impressive sound. While there, be sure to check out Edifier’s full range of neat-looking audio products.

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