Deal Alert: Micro Center Retail Stores Sell Apple’s iPad 3 Starting at $400

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You usually don’t see Apple getting overwhelmed by the holiday spirit and offering gadgets for special prices around Christmas, but fortunately third-party retailers conduct their business in a much more giving fashion.

We’ve seen the iPhone 5 and 4S pretty heavily discounted already, and now it’s time to add the iPad to our Christmas wishlist. Unfortunately, we’re not talking about the latest, fourth-gen iPad, but its predecessor, which is almost one year old.

Then again, I’m sure most of you will still be glad to get that “old thing” for 400 bucks, which is how much Micro Center retail stores are charging these days for the 16 GB version. The 32 and 64 GB models are also part of the promotion, selling for $459.99 and $499.99 in either black or white.

To get an idea of how much you’ll be saving, $400 is what Apple is charging for the iPad 2, while a refurbished iPad 3 goes for 20 extra bucks directly from the manufacturers. Not too shabby, but keep in mind that Micro Center’s offer is only valid in its 22 US brick and mortar stores and not online too.

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