Windows 8 Tabs from Lenovo, HP and Dell Shipping in January or Later After Delays

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Although an entire stack of Windows 8 tablets was unveiled with much fanfare back in October and was scheduled to take the tech world by storm soon after, we’re yet to see many of those gadgets get an official release.

HP, Lenovo and Dell have all missed making their tabs available before the holidays for mysterious reasons, but now all three companies are ensuring potential customers they’ll get the chance to buy them sooner rather than later.

HP’s Envy x2 for instance is already shipping to customers who ordered their units before December 3, while if you want to buy the tablet/laptop hybrid right now, you’ll have to wait until January to have it sent to your home.

Meanwhile, Lenovo’s ThinkPad 2, initially scheduled to start selling in October, then in early December, is now planned to go on sale after January 31. Finally, Dell’s Latitude 10 has an ETA set for January 21 on the company’s website, which is not that far ahead. Now if only someone would explain to us what took Lenovo, HP and Dell so long…

Via [Cnet]

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