Seidio’s Vitreo Presents a Hard Case for iPhone, Galaxy S III

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Mobile accessory producer, Seidio, announces their new solution in protecting your iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S III touch screens — their Vitreo tempered glass screen protector. In an effort to defend against forces that traditional flimsy, plastic screen covers fail to protect, the durable Vitreo glass is hard to the touch, providing seemingly shock-absorbent, shatter-proof protection.

The surface is transparent and mimics the actual feel of your smartphone. When installed, don’t worry about plastic bubbling up between the screen protector and the screen; with the Vitreo, that won’t happen. At .55mm, it adds little bulk and hardly any weight to your device when in use. The edges on the Vitreo are tapered, creating a sleek and professional appearance, while reinforcing the edges of the device, for added protection against trauma.

“Consumers have plenty of protection options for their smartphone device; but, we [Seidio] wanted to offer a product that looks and feels like the actual smartphone screen,” says David Chang, CEO of Seidio. “When installed, there are no gabs or bubbles between the Vitreo and screen so it won’t interfere with touch sensitivity. It’s elegant, sleek and the ultimate choice for screen protection.”

Compared to other screen protectors on the market, the Vitreo stands alone. It is necessary to protect your smart device screen and for the Vitreo’s $39.95 price point, the peace of mind is worth it tenfold. When you’re ready to purchase a screen protector for your iPhone or Galaxy S III, look no further. Bonus: also, Seidio is now offering the Vitreo for iPad 3rd and 4th generations and iPad 2.

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