E-Cigarettes are Smokin’ Hot for X-Mas

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If you’ve ever seen somebody take a puff of  a cigarette inside a public place and thought “wait, thats not right,” chances are, that person was inhaling an electronic cigarette. Smoke-less, odor-less and flame-less, the battery-powered e-cigarettes are becoming a real alternative for some smokers. Plus, their discrete nature and emitting water vapor instead of tobacco smoke ensure e-cigs to be more socially acceptable and passable in public spaces. is the web’s best source for purchasing, reviewing and reading the latest information about electronic cigarettes. For the holidays, the website is advertising various promotions on the site from some of their top e-cig distribution companies.

Furthering the holiday smoking festivities, the web store is calling attention to the abundance of new e-cigarette flavor options. Obviously your traditional ‘classic’ tobacco and menthol tobacco flavors are available but companies are also offering specialty choices like vanilla, cola, chocolate, fruit flavors, espresso and clove, to name a few.

“It’s fun to look around and see what different companies are putting out for the holidays,” said Chad Maynard, spokesman for “Any many of us would rather vape those wonderful Christmas treat tastes than pay the price for overindulging in those cakes, candies and cookies. Our website links to all the major brands, so it is a great starting place for anyone searching for seasonal e-juice flavors.”

With super deals so accessible, I may just start a new family tradition after this year’s holiday celebration and pass around the peppermint, candy cane-flavored e-cig!

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