Introducing the Satis, Japanese Smart Toilet

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Just when I thought I saw everything, Japan ceases yet again to surprise me and shows me something new. This time, the Tokyo-based Lixil firm succeeded with their Satis, an Android and Bluetooth-connected toilet bowl. That’s right, a geek toilet with functionality that you can control on your smartphone.

Set to go on sale in Japan this spring, the e-toilet has Bluetooth connectivity and is manipulated using the ‘My Satis’ application for Android OS. Using the app, users can remotely flush the toilet, lift or raise the seat and operate the bidet nozzle, built-in lights or audio speakers. Save your preferred settings and never have to adjust your throne again.

The coolest (however unnecessary) feature is the built-in speakers set in the base of the Satis. Stream music off of your Android device or any connected device sharing the same network. (I’ll spare the classic 1994 Greenday album reference here…) The luxurious ‘john’ also features a soft lighting unit that glows from inside the bowl, turning on when it detects your presence. Mood lighting and music when you sit down to use a toilet — never become stressed while doing your business again!

Satis will record every use, monitoring water and electricity usage, so don’t worry about taking a major hit in the wallet for the machine’s upkeep. Also, it was designed to be energy efficient so you’re not going to see a big hit on your electricity bill after your Satis gets installed in your bathroom.

It’s design keeps the inside of the bowl clean, rotating water around every inside surface with every flush. The outside is easy to clean too, with no hard-to-reach angles or built-in corners — clean the outer surface in no time. It’s Plamacluster technology eliminates unsettling odors and its Hyper Clean antibacterial surface prevents the growth of microbes and keeps it easy to clean.
Satis will track the user’s bowel movements and will present health tips accordingly. This part kinda creeps me out. There are somethings that my Bluetooth toilet bowl shouldn’t know about me; at least, keep its commentary to itself. Regardless, there are surely some people who can see a benefit to this feature; for me, the regular, old-fashioned toilet will suffice for my needs.

Regardless if technology companies are running out of ideas or in the process of laying the groundwork down in creating an all-connected living environment for its consumers, the electronic toilet was a comical joke until about lunchtime today when I stumbled upon an advertisement for Satis. Rather than being difficult to the change, its more beneficial to stay excited for these new innovations as they surface.

Readers, have you seen any other bizarre connected devices worth mentioning?

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