Twitter Will Now Give Your Tweets Back

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“Where have all my witty tweets gone?” I asked myself. The Twitter layout is set up to not display past text, banishing tweets from not long ago. Today, I thank the Twitter god for his thoughtful gift bestowed onto myself and the rest of us 160 characters-or-less conversationists.

On Wednesday, the social network posted steps to access your Twitter archive, which includes all of your previous tweets by month, or you can search by words, phrases, hashtags or @usernames. Now I can repeat-tweet some of the most clever one-liners for recycled shenanigans.

On Twitter, click the cog button next to the feather pen (‘new tweet’) icon. In the drop down list, click on the ‘Settings’ button and where it says ‘Your Twitter archive,’ click the ‘Request your archive’ and boom! Shortly thereafter, check your e-mail address linked to your account and a list of all your interactions on Twitter should be available to you.

It’s like Christmas came six days early this year!

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