Flipboard Now Flips Properly on Android Tablets

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Flipboard has been available for Android tablets for a while, but the experience wasn’t optimized for tablets. Even on smaller displays like that on the Nexus 7, Flipboard still behaved like an app for smartphones. Well, that all ends today with the newest version of Flipboard. Flipboard has been optimized (not just supported) on Android tablets with larger displays. If you prefer the scaled-up phone version, you can revert at any time.

The optimizations also changed the way Flipboard flips. Before today, navigating through Flipboard meant swiping vertically. Now, flipping is done horizontally regardless of how you’re holding the tablet. You can also see more than one story at a time. For example, each page within the Technology section displays between 2-4 stories. The pictures that accompany the stories now sport a noticeably higher resolution.

This update will make me use Flipboard more often. I’ve always liked the app, but the recent update to Google Currents presented a design that works better for me. I suppose there can be room for both apps as long as they’re used for different things. For me, Flipboard can be used as my fancy RSS reader, while Google Currents will be a way for me to discover stories from sources I never visit on a regular basis. That’s a nice balance I think.

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