70,000 Apps Rumored at BB 10 Launch

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RIM CEO, Thorsten Heins

We’ve been holding on long enough for the BlackBerry 10 to see the light of day. Hype, rumors, recent demos and product announcements but we are still six weeks from seeing anyone with the device in their hands. Regardless, when the 10 does actually drop, it’s falling right into a three-way cage match between itself and the two current kings of ‘smart’– Android and Apple’s iOS.

Perhaps because of the heated competition is why RIM‘s CMO Frank Boulben went on the record this week stating that his BlackBerry 10 will have roughly 70,000 apps to choose from on the date of its launch. Also, he was sure to distinguish that the apps he speaks of will be ‘quality apps’ (I’m guessing no Ginger Booth, sadly).

BlackBerry users can expect Facebook and Twitter apps for the 10 but little else has been announced thus far. We’d like to more see solid social media capabilities; something that previous BBs have lacked compared to their mainstream competitors. Either way, 70,000 apps is a lot for sure but it pales in comparison to the half million offered in the iTunes store and Google Play store. We’re waiting to see how difficult it is for RIM to jump head first into the market and whether the wait will prove successful for the company.

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