iPad Mini Worldwide Sales Remain Steady, 12 Million Units Could Be Shipped By The End of 2012

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There were many who criticized Apple for making the iPad Mini “compromise” and probably many more who thought the 7.9-inch tablet was overpriced for what it had to offer, but numbers go beyond words and they are looking pretty good for the Cupertino-based tech titans.

According to Digitimes, although Apple initially estimated 10 million iPad Mini units to be shipped by year-end and then adjusted that prediction to 6-8 million, final numbers could well go over all forecasts. If the holiday demand will be as high as analysts think, Apple could end up selling as much as 12 million mini-tabs in just two months.

People in the know also predict that iPad Mini sales will remain steady throughout Q1 2013, which means another 12 or 13 million units could be shipped around the world by March of next year. That would truly be amazing, considering the opening fiscal quarter of any year is traditionally the weakest, while the final three month span that includes the holiday season is usually the strongest. Eat your hearts out, all you Apple haters!

Via [Digitimes]

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