The iWalk Chameleon: Blending a Phone Case and Battery Saver

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iWalk Chameleon for iPhone

Protective cases for smartphones are not just protective anymore. Device accessory companies are now producing multifaceted cases to of course protect your phone from shock– as in a drop to the ground from your coat pocket but also featuring their cases with additional capabilities and benefits. iWalk, no stranger to smart-accesories, namely battery-integrated products, has done just that.

Meet their new Chameleon line of phone cases for iPhone 4/4S and for Galaxy S III. It is a rugged case aimed to protect and to keep your smartphone’s battery from draining. The Chameleon for iPhone and the Chameleon Easy for Galaxy S III each have an on-board lithium polymer battery; making the Easy Galaxy’s most powerful back-up battery phone case in the market.

iWalk’s Chameleon Easy packs a 2,800mAh lithium battery and is currently available in black, white, blue and red. The Chameleon, a case for iPhone 4 and 4S has a 2,000mAh rated battery and is available in white, black, pink, lime and yellow color options. Both models are have an integrated LED battery level indicator and an On/Off switch to activate/deactivate the charge.

“The smartphone has morphed into an entertainment center, daily planner, GPS devices, shopping assistant and more, but added capabilities also increase the demand for battery power,” said Harris Bernstein, VP of sales and marketing for iWalk. “The Chameleon and Chameleon Easy give users of the two most popular smartphones in the world the ability to fully enjoy their device without worrying about batter power.”

The Chameleon line of cases was designed for active smartphone users, perfect for those of us who listen to mp3 audio during the day, those who use GPS maps, who blog or send e-mails regularly. iWalk is setting out to ease the minds of such smartphone users — no more scrambling to find an outlet or that ‘dropping’ feeling that your heart gets when its battery gauge starts to blink. Learn more about the product line, the company and their additional innovations, all found on the company’s homepage.

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