BlackBerry Z10 Leaks, No Specs Known At This Time

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You probably know very well how RIM’s BlackBerries have fallen during the past years, from the clear leaders of the smartphone market to devices that are now struggling to keep up with the Windows Phone 8 “threat” way behind Android and iOS.

You also might know that Research in Motion is preparing a BlackBerry makeover, which will see a totally redesigned OS getting unveiled on January 30 2013. What you certainly didn’t know however is the name and look of the new BlackBerry 10-powered devices.

Well, one such handheld seems to have just been leaked, though it’s hard to tell whether the photo we’re looking at is real, a fake or just a render of one of the early prototypes. If it does prove to be real, it still doesn’t shed a lot of light on what we should expect from BB 10 smartphones, other than this Z10 is supposed to come in both white and black.

Then again, one educated guess is that the Z10 will be some sort of a refresh of the BlackBerry London that never saw daylight. That featured a dual-core 1.5 GHz TI OMAP CPU, 1 GB of RAM, an 8 MP camera and 16 GB of internal memory, so if RIM can take the specs up just a half a notch it might be on its way back to greatness.

Via [Ubergizmo] and [Unwired View]

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