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It seems that more and more people are getting their daily dose of television programming from everywhere else other than a television. On that notion, TV start-up NimbleTV presents the latest method to unconventionally stream network television and its beta version, which just rolled out on Friday, appears quite promising.

Following the traditional pay-per-month for cable or satellite television programming, the service allows users to stream content from their home television. Basically its a median between TV watchers and their TV package. The unprecedented style of NimbleTV allows people to pay for television packages from anywhere in the world.

For immigrants who prefer viewing networks from their home country, signing-up for programming from their specific region is now worthwhile. Users can stream their channels on any smart device from anywhere in the world. For people who don’t pay for TV, this could fit in their lifestyle, which directly benefits cable and satellite providers.

TechCrunch describes the service “which streams content from free over-the-air signals, NimbleTV lets users get subscription content by acting as the payment provider between the consumer and the TV provider.”

With the future of television in question, its up to innovations such as this to perpetuate the market continuously forward. Aereo, a similar TV streaming service is currently dealing with some legal issues with major network TV broadcasters. It’s uncertain as to whether NimbleTV will run into related issues but for now, users in America and India can enjoy streaming their network plan from anywhere, with expansion to the rest of the world coming soon.

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  • Ed

    Thanks for the article, Matthew. Some of my DISH coworkers, and I have been discussing NimbleTV all afternoon, and we came to the conclusion that this service is best suited for people looking for foreign channels. Granted, most U.S. TV providers don’t offer live streaming outside the home network, but since you would have to cancel service only to have NimbleTV set it up again, why not just switch to DISH and cut out the middle man. My DISH Hopper and Sling Adapter allow me to stream any live channel or DVR recording to nearly any device of my choice; all I need is a decent wireless network connection. With DISH as an option, why would you pay for cable and then pay again to have NimbleTV stream it for you?