Deal Alert: Amazon Offers AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S3 For Just $80 With Contract

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Seeing as this year’s Mayan Apocalypse was another false alarm and we’re still all in one piece, we might as well feel alive and enjoy the little things. Like being able to purchase one of the greatest Android smartphones around for an ultra-low price via Amazon Wireless.

Okay, that might not be the carpe diem kind of thing to be advertised in movies, but what better way to seize the day than spoil yourselves with an awesome piece of mobile technology? Now, here’s the spiel – AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy S3 is $79.99 at Amazon, which is the lowest ever price we’ve seen this particular model of the phone go for.

The deal is valid for both white and blue S3 versions, but not for the snazzy red, which you can still get from AT&T for a hefty 200 bucks. You’ll also need to pen a new two-year agreement with AT&T, while if you’re going to upgrade or add a line, Amazon’s price will increase to $99.99.

Meanwhile, you can get even better deals for Sprint and Verizon’s Galaxy S3s, which are $0.01 and $59.99 respectively with 24-month contracts. Thank God the world didn’t end, right?

Via [Unwired View]

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