‘Gangnam Style’ Hits 1 Billion and We’re All to Blame

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In this post, I’m coming clean — I’m gonna come right out and say it.

And you can quote me on this, I hate (see: abhor) ‘Gangnam Style.’ Not only is this craze ridiculous to me, the content is absolutely pure crap by my standards. This synth pop ear worm-fail is as generic as can be, poorly-conceived and created as a gimmick with the status of a ‘Youtube sensation’ within it’s trajectory from the get-go. What’s the word– oh right, ‘contrived.’ As most things as such, it has a substantial lack of substance. So why all the views, Youtubers?

People who buy into tho craze makes me despise it even more– the people who aided in the South Korean popstar’s Guinness world record of most-liked video in Youtube history. At now (Friday, December 21st) over 1 billion views, it’s crazier to believe that nearly one-sixth of the world’s population has been exposed to that silly ‘Ride that Pony’ dance variation and the retching “Oopa,” than it is to believe that there are repeat-offenders out there. And lots of them. People actually are into this stuff, I realize as I shake my head in disbelief, feeling embarrassed for these others. Shame on you all.

Go away, Psy. You’ve done a terrible thing, now vanish. Cash out and retire somewhere in a fancy palace with your herd of yes-people tickling your inflated web-generated ego; it’s the noble thing to do. Fade instantly into obscurity, speeding up that process where your collective image morphs from somewhat ‘non-ironic’ and ‘kinda cool’ by some standards, to the “wow, can you believe that really happened?” file of people’s brains — the section where Jnco jeans and big hair are embarrassingly kept; where ended up.

Be proud to be one of your nation’s first cross-ocean success stories but please post no more videos, Psy. I’m completely alright with knowing very little about you and your musical history, so please stop showing up in my news feed? Thanks!

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  • anonymous

    shut up. You’re just jealous

  • notreallyme

    Your blog was just a joke, right? Oh! you were actually telling people for real that one seventh of the world’s population is gutter trash because, well, you know much better than them. OK -nothing to read here folks, let’s just keep moving along because the crazy guy wants to keep ranting.

  • Matthew Marchesano

    Thanks for the attention, you guys. These opinions are solely mine. Clearly I respect that you do not share the same sentiment but I sense what’s referred to as ‘herd mentality.’ It’s easiest to follow a majority of people in agreement about something, be it a change in ideas, a new social construct or in this case, entertainment aesthetics. See also ‘collective intelligence.’ This is my problem with the ‘Gangnam Style-craze.’
    I don’t blame you for feeling some sort of way about my opinions, just please don’t you or your group feel threatened by what I have said.
    Like all people, I am granted to speak freely, which I’ve done here and I hope you continue doing the same.
    Although you’ve chose not to comment under a legitimate contact, I know you’ll probably revisit our site and I also thank you for that.
    Thank you for your input and I hope you’ll reach out to us again.