Carry Everything with Bling My Thing’s All-in-One Case

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Every morning, the biggest part of my routine before leaving the house is to check the items in my pockets: wallet in the back, keys up front, cell phone in the other front and my lucky pen (I’m a pen nerd, the Pilot V7 is my current go-to). If they’re not all there, I can’t leave — and there’s been times that my exit has been delayed by a pretty long time.

It seems was though Bling My Thing, a gadget accessory company with a fashionable edge, has created their new Shadow collection to help me keep myself together. Their design combines the mobility of your iPhone 5, items found in your wallet and your set of keys. As simple as it is, the Shadow is a crafty idea of genius proportions.

Designed by lead designer Ayano Kimura, this hybrid travel aid has a unisex style and it’s water-resistant. It’s iPhone pocket has a camera whole, so no need to take it out of the carry-all to snap a quick pic.

“Like any other fashion accessory, your iPhone case should be as functional as it is stylish,” says Bling My Thing lead designer Ayano Kimura. “Sleek and subdued with a contemporary edge to it, our new Shadow Collection is made for modern men and women.”

Bling My Thing shares a partnership with Swarovski AG and many of Kimura’s products feature their classic crystal decals, hence ‘bling.’ Their Shadow series seems to be a good fit for just about anyone and its lack of bling actually makes it more appealing to me. And let’s be real here — we’re all a a little bit unorganized sometimes, right?

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