Instagram Reverts Back to Old Terms of Service

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Instagram has been in the news all week because of the company changing their Terms of Service. On their website, they stated that they have permission to sell users’ photos that had been uploaded to their service without the users’ discretion.

The media’s assumption was of the company’s decision was that since their service is free, this could be a tactic to gain revenue. After the announcement, many users left the free service and switched to other Instagram alternatives like, Camera+. Today, Friday December 21st, 2012, Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom stated, “I want to be really clear: Instagram has no intention of selling your photos, we we never did. We don’t own your photos—you do.”

Keep in mind Facebook acquired Instagram in early April of 2012, so the concept of selling your photos was not a surprise. It is positive to see Instagram showing decency to its users, in which their acquirer lacks. Furthermore, many users will not be coming back in spite of this attempt to “gain” revenue.

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