ComiXology Pulls Android Update After Discovering a Major Bug

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Lots of Android users adore ComiXology, but a recent update to the Android app left many people feeling sour. Version 3.1 of ComiXology was met with complaints regarding deleted comics and a unfortunate return to the app’s old user interface. ComiXology is aware of these problems and has since reverted the Android app back to version 3.0.7 until it can fix the newest update.

ComiXology also offered some advice for Android users in an email. If you’ve been affected by the comic deleting, UI-reverting bug, you should update ComiXology so you can get back to the previous version. Unfortunately, this does mean you’ll have to download your comics collection all over again.

If you haven’t experienced any problems at all, your best bet is to not do anything right now. ComiXology will eventually release an update that’s newer than 3.1. Until then, you can continue to read and purchase comics as if nothing is wrong.

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