Blackberry’s New Porsche P’9981 Phone Features a Sleek Design

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BlackBerry is at a vital point in it’s existence as a company, as they’re on the verge of collapsing. With press invites already being received for the BlackBerry 10 OS conference in late January, we can only hope that they will then start to regain footing in the market. The BlackBerry Porsche P’9981 features an exuberant amount of  smooth attributes for its $2,350 price point.

For starters, Porsche features a 2.8-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 640 by 480 and BlackBerry’s notorious QWERTY keyboard. There is a custom Porsche UI; a new field that the company is exploring. Lastly, it is running a 1.2 GHz Qualcomm processor.

Even for the price that you’d pay for these specifications, the Porsche can’t compete with less expensive phones like the Samsung Galaxy S III or iPhone 5. It’s design is hardly as sleek and for only 9% of the Porche P’9981’s total cost, the competition has it outweighed in every category.

It seems that the only ideal reason to recommend this phone would be if you absolutely adore the BlackBerry UI, QWERTY keyboard or are anticipating that it will receive the BlackBerry 10 OS update, as promised in late January of 2013. Only time will tell if this phone is worth the hefty expenditure.

[Source Engadget]

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    I am waiting on new affordable Blackberry Phones for almost a year now but it seems that there is no new one coming. Hope the see some in the beginning of 2013.