Apple Reaches Paramount Market Share Levels with iPhone

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In the last 12 weeks ending on November 25th, 2012, Apple has reached unprecedented marketshare levels of their iPhone devices in the United States. Their iPhone’s account for more than 53.3% of all smartphones in the market with Android poking along at 41.9% of the market. The remainder is fulfilled by BlackBerry and Windows Phone enabled devices. In the 12 weeks prior to October 25th, 2012, Apple’s devices only accounted for 48.3% of all smartphones purchased in the United States. This is an enlargement of 5 percentage points in 12 weeks.

This fully illustrates that Apple’s iPhone models are starting to be consumed and exalted by users. This ultimately leaves Windows Phone devices and BlackBerry in the dust. Although the statistics in the United States are in Apple’s favor, in Europe Android devices account for 61% of all smartphone sales and Apple trailing behind at 25%. Clearly devices are more popular in other regions with different plan options and smartphone deals being more economical.

[Source TUAW]


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