Google Maps App Increases iOS 6 Adoption Rate by 29%

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When Apple announced that they created their own version of Maps it shocked many. A substantial amount of users employed it to their life and understood its features. To put it in perspective, Scott Forstall was responsible for the iOS team, but more specifically Siri and Apple Maps. Both of those creations haven’t done much, and in some cases like Apple Maps enraged users. Scott Forstall was fired from Apple on November 1st, 2012, and Tim Cook later stated to BusinessInsider why he made that decision.

When Google created their own iOS application on Google Maps users were once excited again. They were happy to see that an application brought new features such as satellite view, indoor maps, and more.  It also portrayed a clean, responsive user-interface which is always appreciated. Google’s Map application went so far and started obtaining more adopters of iOS 6, which led to 29% increase in iOS 6 users.

Jim Payne, CEO of MoPub, a website that supports 12,000 applications states, “We observed since the launch of Google Maps for iOS 6 a 30 percent increase in unique iOS 6 users, and we think it’s related to Google Maps. It verifies that hypothesis that people were actually holding back to upgrade until Google Maps was available.” As stated from Jim Payne, people were holding off on purchasing an iPhone until the maps issue was fixed.

This example and increase of Apple’s iOS 6 software should give the company a heads up that people really enjoy Google Maps. With Scott Forstall being eliminated, Apple has made a step in the right direction with obtaining more users of the latest software. We can expect Google Maps to be present in later generations of iOS 6 and in iOS 7.

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  • Graham

    no, The iPhone 5’s release in china did this, not google maps.

  • Louis Stevenson

    I think you should look at the Chinese iPhone release date. It corresponds to the same timeline. I think that’s most likely where the increase came from.

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