Amazon Instant Video App Hits Some Google TV Consoles

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It is currently an Amazon Prime option only but its feedback from Prime members has been phenomenal. This app is starting to roll out to the Mountain View TV. Devices that have not received the update Logitech Revue TV (Google’s newer model) and the Vizio Co-Star. LG TV devices have already received their version 3 of this update.

Google has had a challenge with the concept of placing their software on a TV box. Granted other companies have done it repeatedly like Roku, and the Apple’s TV to some extent. Keep in mind they might not have all the capabilities of Google-enabled TVs, but they stream flawless. In 2013, Google is rumored to announce a new version of their TV. The media is crossing their fingers hoping this will be ideal for a user whilst providing competing features.

[Source Engadget]


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