iPad 5th Gen Set for March Release and iPad mini to Feature A6X Processor

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With Apple releasing the iPad 4th generation in October of 2012 followed by the iPad mini, it changed the way Apple has previously gone about releasing their devices. Apple released the iPad 3rd generation in March of 2012. In the past Apple has been known to release one device in each category once a year.

With 2012 coming to a close, we can observe that Apple might begin releasing devices on a bi-annual period? Granted this would keep the flow of their devices circulating and increase profits but will it also result in displeasing consumers?

Some sites are reporting that Apple might be releasing the iPad 5th generation in March of 2013 and the main design feature would be the more rectangular back. The color options would also increase allowing users to choose from black or white as we see on the iPhone 5, iPod Touch 5th generation, or the iPad mini.

Design changes do not halt there; it has also been stated that the iPad 5th generation will feature a 4mm height, 16mm in width, and 2mm in depth. Processor models have not been reported for the iPad 5th generation but with Apple’s constant innovations we can infer that it will be the A7 chip.

The iPad mini has revolutionized the market coming in at a price point of $329 for a 16 GB model, featuring a 7.85-inch screen and providing a user with the Apple experience on a more portable device. The biggest complaint users have reported is the screen and how much different it is to the Retina capabilities we’ve seen in the last three iPads.

If Apple released the iPad 5th generation, it can be inferred that they will go ahead and update the iPad mini to a Retina screen. Following this is the possibility that it will feature the A6X processor found in the current iPad 4th generation.

To sum it all up, these updates might make consumers furious with the mega electronics company. When an individual buys an Apple product, they expect a quality, promised device that will last 2-3 years with the technology provided within the device. This has been the case for years now with Apple — but if bi-annual updates start to occur it will speed up the outdating process on devices, thus earning the company more money with constant innovations.

But Apple has always been about the customer experience and making the customer satisfied, so these updates might not occur. We will see in March of 2013 if Apple will be releasing a newer set of tablets.

[Source Cult of Mac]

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