Samsung’s Smart Hub is Set for a Colossal Revamp at CES 2013

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Samsung’s current HDTV Smart Hub is great for both organizing and for browsing the internet with. The device is innovative and has been known to run rather seamlessly. Samsung is teasing a Smart Hub update on Flickr and some of their projected updates sound unique.

Their captions hint that the associated app’s interface will now provide access to real-time TV broadcasts, on-demand movies, apps, and photos. The new Smart Hub revamp will feature a new styled UI to provide a cleaner look and feel for users.

Samsung’s hardware update will most likely not happen before the upcoming CES, as one of their newer spotlighted technologies is a front facing, HD camera atop of last year’s Series 8 model.

They will however be hosting a press conference on January 7th, 2013, perhaps helping to dictate the amount of potential that the company has in making a dent in the currentTV market.

[Source Engadget]

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