Enter the Technology Tell and Wicked Audio ‘Earbuds for the New Year’ Giveaway Contest

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What a year, huh? It’s certainly been a memorable one for us at Technology Tell and we’re definitely amped on what’s in our sights for 2013; anticipating another joyful, exciting and eventful year, reporting the latest ‘Tech News, Reviews and Interesting Things!’

Of course, no portion of our success could ever be possible without the awesome readership and loving support from all of you! (Not to get soft on ya’ll but we truly do appreciate your continued enthusiasm and motivation, moving us forward in a shiny direction.)

So, why not ring in the new year with us (like a boss) and our buddies over at Wicked Audio and try your luck at winning a sweet pair of their supreme earbuds? We’re keeping it simple although the fine print/ legal jargon can be accessed here.

Okay, so our question to you:
Which is the best music album released in 2012 that you would most like to hear through a pair of Wicked earbuds and why is it the best?

Together, Wicked Audio and Technology Tell will award 8 (yep, eight) lucky fans with one pair of Wicked buds from the following styles:

Wicked Audio Jawbreakers

Wicked Audio Metallics

Wicked Audio Mojo

Wicked Audio Deuce

Please comment at the bottom of this page or Tweet us @TechnologyTell with your entry. Thank you for showing us love and we’re looking forward to hearing from you all.

Winners will be announced on Wednesday, January 2nd, so get them in quick!

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  • James

    Wrecking Ball – Bruce Springsteen

    Being a huge fan of Bruce’s over the years, I love the working class theme of his albums including this one as it strikes a chord with me.

  • Jacob LaFountaine

    Led Zeppelin – Celebration Day
    Although it is a 5 year old concert, it was nice to see them releasing it on Blu-ray Audio. Rock solid set from a great band.

  • Jack Cotter

    Of Monsters and Men, Little Talks came out on a full album this year. I’ve played it a ton. It’s intense and enjoyable

  • Vikki M

    Eric Church – Chief
    All the songs on this album are great.

  • Mal

    Kendrick Lamar: good kid, M.A.A.D. City I’m a huge fan of his work. Its such a fantastic album and there is not one song i dislike. Cant wait to listen to it with a pair of wicked buds!

  • Tony Nguyen

    Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid, m.A.A.d City
    He set the bar for REAL hiphop music this year and all of his songs on this album is awesome!

  • Pete H

    Another vote for Bruce Springsteen’s “Wrecking Ball” … It ranks among his best work.

  • Dylan

    The Weeknd – Trilogy. This album has infinite replay value. An amazing album.

  • Matthew Marchesano

    Kendrick Lamar definitely turned my head this year too, man. Nice flow and great lyrics. Kinda makes me question why I hear people calling 2 Chainz a lyrical genius when we got guys like Kendrick out here.
    I’d have to go with Action Bronson/ Party Supplies – Blue Chips Mixtape; off-the-wall sampling, Bronson’s already classic food/sex talk and a give-no-shiizz attitude all round.
    ‘Dreams and Nightmares’ let me down, honestly. Especially because Meek’s mixtapes are always top notch.
    In other music, Emeralds – Just to Feel Anything is a great candidate to be pumped through Wickeds. but I can’t even compete in this. And no, I don’t pick the winner. Good luck everyone!

  • Christie W

    Mumford and Sons – Babel is so good. I can only imagine how great they would sound on some Wicked headphones.

  • Denise

    Usher’s “Looking 4 Myself “

  • Rebbie Brapham

    Against The Wall – “Would You Be Happy” – The range of sounds is amazing. I would love to be able to hear it clearly through Wicked Earbuds. If you haven’t heard it check it out here:

  • Bill McGovern

    Wrecking Ball-Bruce Springsteen
    Must be a lot of old guys in need of cool, new earbuds. I really like this album cuz, like me, Bruce is really pissed at the direction this country’s going- the greedy rich grabbing & protecting all they can with the assistance of their fawning, enabling politicians. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Jeremy

    The best music album released in 2012 would have to be “RED” by Taylor Swift. Although it has been out just a couple of months, the songs on the album have gotten me through a rough time. From the heartbreaking, “All Too Well,” to the carefree dance tune, “22,” the songs have provided me with everything I want and need in a record. Taylor provides a song for nearly all situations that one can go through in life and put it into this wonderful masterpiece. This is the fourth studio album for Taylor and it is one of her greatest! She even received a Grammy nomination for one of her singles. I would absolutely love to hear this album through a pair of Wicked earbuds!

  • Tim

    Gotta go with Bruce Springsteen’s “Wrecking Ball” because the Boss was the man rockin it when I was a teen and he’s still got it thirty years later.

  • Jhanelle

    California 37 by Train

  • Shelly Leatham

    Taylor Swift’s RED is great!

  • Curtis

    Overexposed – Maroon 5

  • Bobby Young

    AC/DC – Back in Black album:”You Shook Me All Night Long”

    I definitely think that the sound will be just Perfect with Wicked Audio pairs.

    Also i want to say Thanks to Technology Tell and Wicked Audio for the chance.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.Good Luck to everyone and me:)

  • C R Williams

    Would love one

  • anissa g

    Dave Matthews Away From the World album. His soul is amazing and would clearly come through on any Wicked earbuds.

  • Gregory Skiffer

    Just thought I’d wish you a Happy New Years!!!

    • greffiks

      Oh…and by the way, that would be:
      Brandy-Two Eleven

  • Dave K.

    Shinedown’s “Amaryllis” is my favorite 2012 album and the one I’d love to hear through Wicked earbuds. Brent Smith’s vocals would be crystal clear, Zach Myers’s guitar would serve as a perfect complement, and Barry Kerch’s complex drumbeats and Eric Bass’s bassline would fill my head with pure awesomeness! Thanks for a great contest and have a Happy and safe New Year!

  • Kyle Deppe

    Collide With The Sky-Pierce The Veil
    Pierce The Veil really developed their sound with this album, and it was a major breakthrough for them. “King For A Day” was voted top single and video by AP readers in the AP readers poll. The album is a mix of everything great about music. It has soft songs along with heavier songs, and has a high playback value. I have played the CD from start to finish at least 100 times already, and it came out over the summer. One of my favorite albums, and if you haven’t listened already, check it out! You will not be disappointed. It is a strong blend of pure rock, mixed with Pierce The Veil’s very original flavor.

  • Maureen Stanford

    Barton Hollow by the Civil Wars and Little Talks – Of Monsters and Men just 2 of so, so many.

  • Karen

    Ke$ha’s Warrior because it has great beats!

  • Jaclyn Reynolds

    I really enjoyed The Cranberries Roses album.

  • shelly mawhorter

    i’d love to listen to Anti Flag – The General Strike


  • Brian L

    Crystal Castles – III

    I love the Wicked Audio Dueces btw 😀

  • Shemp DeYoung (@ShempGames)

    I’d love to own some Wicked Audio gear

  • Tami

    Red by Taylor Swift!

  • Alexander Genvarev

    No Doubt – Push And Shove because I like their music and I’m glad they’re back

  • She’ll Perry

    I’ve gotta agree that Kendrick Lamar has an interesting flow. My nephew came to visit me and played some of his work…..not bad at all. Would love to win!


    Adelle’s cd and her voice would sound AMAZING through your earbuds :)

  • jean

    I love Wicked Audio

  • jessica m

    Flo Rida I Cry – bumps

  • Kristina L.

    My vote goes to rihanna’s album unapologetic; great album of 2012! #IMO


    Dave Matthews Away From the World or bruces the wrecking ball- classic is best

  • Sue Barney

    Taylor Swift’s Red Albumn :)

  • Paula Kapelski

    Unorthodox Jukebox by Bruno Mars I love his music easy to dance to and his voice just soothes my soul I listened to it to celebrate new year! @paulakap8

  • Kenny F


  • Allen Puy

    Voting for Toby Mac’s “Eye On It” which is a tremendous offering of excellent music to the Christian, crossover, and wider community. Toby continues to focus on excellence in his music!

  • estella miller

    Wrecking ball! The Boss!

  • Sean Thomas

    Best Of James Bond 50th Anniversary Soundtrack edition and/or soundtrack to SkyFall