Twitter Recaps 2012

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Who do you follow on Twitter? The short-form blogging network has grown quite a bit in the last 5 years, creating itself a worldwide authority on not just quirky one-liners (though it is surely great for that,) but for pop culture and current events as well. With over 340 million tweets each day, Twitter has compiled the year’s most popular mini-stories, a ‘greatest hits’ of the year if you will, as 2012 comes to a close.

The report is outlined into five categories: ‘most re-tweeted,’ ‘most tweeted worldwide event,’ ‘Twitter’s first on the beat,’ ‘top trending topics’ and ‘the top high-profile Twitter users who joined in 2012.’ It is interesting to see all this information laid out, especially revisiting events and topics that seemed to have happened ‘so far long ago.’

The most retweeted tweets or ‘Golden Tweets’ as they call it, spotlight some human interest stories and are heart-warming each in their own right. It’s no surprise that the most retweeted tweet comes from President Obama’s official account on November 6th. With over 810,000 retweets, the POTUS’s simple “Four more years” message, upon winning the election for his second time ranked number one. Justin Bieber’s farewell to deceased fan Avalanna garnered over 220,000 retweets when the six-year old died in September due to a rare form of brain cancer. Runners up include mostly sports-related texts, touching on the Summer Olympics and American football, among other pop-cultured themes.

The most tweeted event goes to the 16-day Summer Olympics. In their ‘Pulse of the planet’ category, Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man was the main subject of the over 150 million related tweets. He was the most discussed athlete in the world, winning over tweets concerning the U.S. President election, the ‘Gangnam Style’ web-craze and the NFL Super Bowl and the Euro Cup finals.
‘Only on Twitter’ spotlighted stories that broke first on the 160-characters or less social medium outlet. Some stand-out breaking tweets included a live-tweet from NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory when it’s Rover landed on Mars and live images of Hurricane Sandy’s wrath approaching the American shoreline by the International Space Station (ISS.) In sports news, the World Olympics rolled out their Pool Cam, where they tweeted underwater photos of competitors reaching the finish line during swim races. All these and more are definitely worth checking out.

The ‘trends’ category probably will not surprise you, as many subjects overlapped real-life conversations and many stayed hot for a long time. Twitter nicely placed their results in sub-categories such as ‘Conversation Starters,’ ‘Politics,’ ‘Music,’ ‘TV,’ ‘Food’ and more.
Lastly, their ‘New voices’ category lays out celebrities who activated an official account within the 2012 year. Official Twitter handles are marked with a blue check-mark to prove their authenticity. These categories include ‘TV,’ ‘News,’ ‘Sports,’ ‘Human interest/religion,’ and more. This furthers the notion that everyone has a Twitter account and for those of you who do not, perhaps some of these celebrity pages can influence you to activate yours today.

The page also offers a personal account of your year on Twitter. Using Vizify, you can relive your best Twitter moments, featuring your personal ‘Golden Tweet’ and your ‘Golden Follower’ as well.

It’s been another huge year for the micro-blogging website and it is exciting to see where Twitter’s world of users will take the site next year. For now, be sure to observe the past year’s results. And hey, if something within all this data is of interest to you, why not tweet about it?

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