Netflix Confirms New Social Options for US Subscribers in 2013

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A bill has passed through the U.S. Senate allowing Netflix users to share select, featured videos amongst their social networks. It’s been a challenge to pass this bill but a similar feature is available for Spotify or Rdio users, allowing them to select posts which automate the songs they are listening to.

Netflix has incorporated the option for Canadian and Latin American users as well, allowing them to post on their social networks which types of videos or shows they are watching on the service. The reason why the passing of this bill was essential to companies like Netflix, is due to the Video Privacy Protection Act (VPPA), since hindering the feature from video streaming companies.

For people who are not familiar with the U.S. judicial system, once a bill is passed through the Senate it then goes to the President for the final signing or in some cases a denial (veto). This bill clearly illustrates that users will have to give discretion that they would like their shows or videos to be displayed on their verified social networks. The president of Netflix confirmed the company will start to incorporate these features to the U.S. customers in 2013.

[Source The Verge]

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