Amazon Offers 15 Premium Android Apps for Free, OfficeSuite Professional and Splashtop Remote Desktop Included

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I don’t know about you but I’ve been pretty naughty this year, so Santa has avoided paying me a visit. Still, that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the presents I’ve craved for ever since the Easter Bunny forgot about me too.

Enter Amazon, who doesn’t discriminate based on niceness and offers a bunch of cool Android apps for free to all mobile tech lovers. The “Free App of the Day” feature has become customary lately, but in an attempt to keep the holiday spirit going on longer than usual, today’s promotion includes no less than 15 premium titles.

And when I say premium, I mean just that. Just think that outside this promo, OfficeSuite Professional 6 goes for $14.99. Splashtop Remote Desktop, Unolingo and Call of Atlantis Premium are regularly $4.99 each, while Shopper’s Paradise HD goes for $2.99.

The cheaper titles are no pushovers either, so you’ll be making some lucrative deals if you download Moon Phase Pro, Gravilux or Mahjong Artifacts today as well. Just hurry, because we don’t know when will the offer end.

Via [Amazon Appstore]

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  • vik rajan

    I’m in the Amazon Appstore app and see 1 free app of the day for Android, but I don’t see any others. OfficeSuite Professional 6 goes for $14.99 — can’t seem to see how it’s free today. let me know!