Rumor: Apple’s Smart Wrist Watch

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Rumor has it that Apple has a smart wrist watch in its pipeline. They are working with Intel to develop a 1.5-inch PMOLED display made by RiTDisplays with ITO-coated glass, which would provide the ability to connect all of your Apple devices wirelessly through Bluetooth.

Our report comes from TechCrunch, who wired the story from Chinese gadget news site, Tech.163, which could lead one to believe that the device will only be for overseas markets or will begin there and work its way West. Either way, if this is fact, this juicy rumor could change the tech game for a while.

Smart watches are a natural progression for connected devices, providing absolute connectivity and convenience on a user’s wrist. Already on the scene was featured Kickstarter item, Pebble, which is tailored for both Android and Apple’s iOS. For Apple to be building one allegedly, there must be money in there somewhere.

The projected device can be imagined to look something like Apple’s sixth generation iPod Nano; a 1.54-inch squared display that can be worn on your wrist with the help of various wrist-strap accessories. The Nano is just an mp3 player though, meaning that the Bluetooth connectivity of this rumored iWatch could be a major selling point but Apple, we want more than just that.

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