VERSI iPad Stand Now Out for Mini

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Not all tablet docking stations are created equal. For one, it appears that where some models are content being just a ‘charging unit’ that will hold your device in place, others are made with practical use in the forefront of its design. These superior docks are made for the everyday desk worker who utilizes their iPad more than just a movie player or picture viewer, for people who depend on their tablet for something more than an entertainment tool.

An updated version of the iPad VERSI stand from Cool Invent LLC, now made available for the iPad mini falls into this category of supreme docks. It is a well-built, adaptable and effective gadget that does exactly what it was created to do. The gadgets that we consumers use are made to enhance our lives and streamline things to make things easier; this is a notion that the VERSI understands.

While it seems that many Apple accessory companies will jump through hoops of fire to have their product pass the MFi Program, the VERSI is one of the first 3PP Lightning adapter-ready device that we’ve seen on the market. In addition to being compatible for the latest generations of Apple’s iPad and iPhones, it will also work for iPad 2 and all previous versions of iPhone.

“One of the things we realized about other iPad and iPhone docking stations was their instability and difficulty to use,” said creator of the VERSI, Dale Rorabaugh. “People break their phone or stands, because of flawed designs. Our customers don’t have to worry.”

The VERSI stand is built to last, made with a full granite base. With its VERSItile design, you can tilt, swivel or rotate your iPad and now iPad mini to the exact placement for your needs, whether its to type out an e-mail or note for yourself, playing some game apps or surfing the web.

It’s manipulable docking mechanism is made from CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum with a polyurethane-sealed back, soft to the touch. The Apple device charger and docking station rotates up to 180 degrees, tilts up to 90 degrees and swivels 300 degrees around.

The VERSI is available as a single unit for just your iPad or mini and also in its Dual VERSI, which is complete with an additional iPhone arm. The Dual model allows you to dock, recharge and utilize both Apple devices at the same time — we call that efficiency and it looks oh-so-sweet on top of my work desk.

For the $189 hit, its worth investing in; just knowing that you’ll probably never have to get another dock for your Apple device again is worth the stretch.

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