Google Makes Your Explicit Music for All-Ages

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There’s been a bit of tizzy amongst Google Music users who enjoy music with explicit lyrics. Apparently when loading, say the new Rick Ross album into the music compilation and playback service, Google’s Scan & Match feature will replace the foul-mouthed tracks with their censored, all-ages alternative versions.

This is done to save space on your device. Since the song is automatically scanned and tagged, it will upload only what’s necessary of the track, instead mirroring your listening experience from another source. So basically, the music you’d be adding to the collection ends up not being your music and instead being a ‘shared file,’ which listeners from all over can access.

To fix this issue, simply right-click on the track and select ‘fix incorrect match.’ This will upload the original song file as originally intended, rather than linking your song title to the kid-safe, un-fun version.

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