Samsung Reporting to Hit 510M Phone Sales in 2013, 390M in Smartphones

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It isn’t impossible for Samsung to reach this status, consistently releasing solid devices. Some of their recent greatest hits are the Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Camera. All of these share the same kind of experience in terms of software and in the overall UI feel. Consumers seem to be eating up Samsung’s devices like candy and craving new releases like the alleged Galaxy S IV.

Samsung executives are predicting a possible slow down in sales, so the company will be expanding their target market by releasing smartphones running Windows 8. To coincide with this, they have partnered up with Intel to produce a new processor, TIZEN. The Korean company is looking to produce LTE-capable devices at more competitive prices in North America.

Samsung has released a teaser for CES 2013, which could add to their sales and success.

[Source Tech Crunch]

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