Attention All Writers: GadgeTell Wants You

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Our once-teeny technology blog is no longer so micro in size. Like Schwarzenegger’s biceps in the 70s, we’re pumping up and expanding as each day on our office calendars whips by us.

With an increasing pace as such (which in internet-time means something closer to lightyears than real time) your humble editor and the rest of the GadgeTell writing staff are finding it difficult to fully cover all the content that we’d like to — the content that our readers eagerly await from us each day. See where I’m going with this?

Consider this an ‘open call’ to: techies, gadget girls and guys or geeks, everything-electronics people and web-wizards — you, I want you on our team.

Do you lose sleep thinking about Android updates? Perfect. Has your significant other ever reprimanded you for spending too much time on your UltraBook or tablet PC? If you’re thinking yes, I’m talking to you. How about Bluetooth technology? Does thinking about it make you flutter a little on the inside? Us too! You may be the right person for the job.

If my descriptions even partially fit your demographic, please inquire within; send an e-mail to me, mmarchesano (at) with ‘Contributing Writer’ in the headline. In the body, write a bit about yourself and about how modern technology/ gadgetry plays a substantial role in your life. Also, if you have a writing resume handy, include that too and lastly, include an idea of about how much time each week you’d plan to spend writing for the site.

Aspiring writers, consider this a prime opportunity to break into the field and to continue developing your ‘voice.’ If you have a day job, this isn’t a bad way to make some extra cash and to also build up your published works portfolio, eh? We’ll discuss further details as the right time approaches us.

Again, all you mobile media maniacs and tech-blog brainiacs, ‘wireless’-obsessed writers, popular gadget pundits and communications columnists, I’m talking to you!

Hope to hear from you and thank you much.

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