Apple’s CEO Tim Cook Receives $4.17M This Year, From $378M in 2011

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Apple has filed a statement with the SEC today, prior to its annual shareholder meeting for 2013, revealing the compensation for the company’s senior leadership. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, will be receiving a whopping $4.78 million.

Now this might seem like a lot to most people but in 2011 he received $378 million. This could be the result of Steve Job’s death and taking over the massive role he once held. Tim Cook’s compensation was cited as one of the largest in history.

All executive officers except for Cook received a raise from $800K to $875K as a part of the executive shuffle announcement that saw Scott Forstall depart Apple’s leadership. It is quite peculiar that these are the main senior executive salaries, but reports are confirming the majority of it is in stock options.

[Source Tech Crunch]

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