Apple Will Stop Using Samsung Chips in their Devices

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Apple has apparently ended the Samsung A-series chips found in iOS devices. They are rumored to start moving its production to a Unimicron Technology Corp in 2013 when the plant opens its doors. As of recent, Unimicron is only producing a scarce amount of Apple chipsets. Unimicron is a Taiwan based company that brought NT$6.5 of revenue in 2010. A Samsung executive has confirmed that the company is only involved in producing the A6 chips as of late.

Samsung and Apple have had their fair share of arguments with Samsung, losing an essential patent case to Apple resulting in $1 billion in damages for the company earlier this year. It makes sense for Apple to discontinue their production with the A-series chip set and to branch out their business with other companies.

Samsung currently produces the DRAM and flash memory for the Apple devices, and the Korean company at one point was responsible for 26% of the parts in the iPhone 4.

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