There Were Record-Shattering Amounts of iOS and Android Activations this Christmas

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The holiday season is a crucial time for both manufacturers and carriers. Overall, this past holiday set unprecedented records of app activations and device activations.  According to data from Flurry Analytics, 260K more apps were activated Christmas Day 2012 than any other day and that’s not including the additional 17.4M devices that were also activated.

Some of the most popular consumer electronics such as Apple’s iPhone 5, the iPad mini or the Samsung Galaxy S III all saw great success last month. In the past and from Flurry’s report, the smartphone to tablet ration is usually 4:1, however, this year these numbers changed drastically.

Smartphone activations occupied 49% whilst tablets took the overall total, barely sneaking past that with 51% activations.

As stated in a previous article, we can see that people are starting to adapt to the tablet concept a lot more than they once did. Many brilliant individuals told inventors that the concept of a 7-10 inch touchscreen slate would be the reality in 2-3 years and it seems crazy to watch technology evolving at the rapid pace each day.

[Source Digital Trends]

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