Carphone Warehouse UK Now Offers Nexus 4 for Free on £26 Plans with Orange

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Despite Google’s almost unbelievable inability of keeping up with the high Nexus 4 demand, more and more third-party retailers are starting to recover from the limited supply snafu that has blocked tech lovers from buying the phone across the world.

Carphone Warehouse UK for instance, is not only offering the hottest Android device around on three different carriers but is also trying to smooth things out with some special prices. As a matter of fact, we can’t even call them prices technically, as the Nexus 4 goes for free on Orange, Vodafone and O2.

You’ll be of course asked to pen 24-month agreements regardless which of the three carriers that interest you, though Orange has by far the most lucrative plans. You will only pay a monthly fee of £26 there, which will include 500 minutes in any network, 400 minutes and 250 MB of data, or 200 minutes and 750 MB. The “deal” is only valid through Carphone Warehouse’s website.

Meanwhile, Vodafone has the Nexus 4 starting at £33 a month, while O2’s plans go for £31 and up. Your move, Google!

Via [Eurodroid]

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