NextWorth Will Cash-Out Your Old Devices

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Did Santa bring holiday joy to your house in the form of a new iPhone, by chance? How about an updated Galaxy S III or an iPad?

Well, for one — that’s awesome, because Santa’s not real. And two, what are you planning to do with your old, now out-dated versions of these hip, newer tabs and phones? Rather than let them collect dust in the drawer of your nightstand, exchange them for some cash from NextWorth.

Not unlike those already-classic ‘Cash for Gold’ ads that have been swarming public access TV in the last few years, the business model at NextWorth is quite simple: any old electronics that can be reused or recycled in part or full are eligible for a buy-out. That means cellphones, laptops, mp3 players, e-readers, DVD players, game consoles, even calculators — if you can put a dollar amount on it, the company will throw you a few stacks for it.

Currently, they are paying “top dollar” (we don’t have sources to fact-check that, so we’ll go ahead and believe the following quotes) for iPhone 4 (32GB) trade-ins, $160; iPhone 4S (32GB), $244; Galaxy S III (32GB), $244; iPad 3 (32GB) with Wifi, $265.

NextWorth gives users the option of getting paid out in cash, check or gift card and their partnership with Target stores nationwide will also allow for Target gift cards. Although it seems completely ridiculous to turn down cashing a check to instead shop exclusively at Target with your earnings, the option is there for those who do want it.

So treat yourself to a belated holiday gift and part ways with your useless old devices while you can still get this kind of cash for them. And when you do, think NextWorth.

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