Quidamo Can Be Your Go-to News App

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Announced on Thursday, Quidamo is a personal news aggregate application made available for both iOS and Android devices. Assign what topics you’re into and receive automatic updates delivered to your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet, fresh from web-based news sources.

The app lets you follow your favorite music artists, TV shows, sports teams, actors and other pop culture by adding them to “My Q,” which is basically a central hub of information provided for you. As your interests grow, your news sources will increase too.

Currently, the app represents over 800 musical artists, sports organizations: MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA and NASCAR, hundreds of films, TV shows and actors, and top-ranked creators, defined as YouTube sensations. In a snap, scroll through your personal interest categories called ‘Qubes’ and watch the push updates roll in. Throughout the next few months, the company plans to introduce new categories such as food, fashion, books and others.

“There’s so much information out there, and so many ways for fans to connect with their interests, but it becomes time consuming and cumbersome to find exactly what you’re looking for or know what is available to you.” Co-founders Robert Royston and Jason Hull commented. “QUIDAMO is the first app that gathers all that information and brings it to you, at your fingertips, in one user friendly location. Plus it keeps you informed of new developments creating the ultimate fan experience.”

USA Swing Dance Network hosted an interview with the software developer (actually swing dancer-turned-app designer,) Robert Royston thats definitely worth checking out.

When you’re tired of sifting through news stories that don’t interest you, look for that octopus logo, ready to spread those tentacles far and wide to bring you personalized updates on only things that matter to you.

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