MacBook Air and Pro To be Refreshed in 2013

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According to Taiwanese supply chain sources, Apple will be introducing new MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros in June of 2013. The source is reporting that it will feature Intel’s new Haswell architecture which would bring speed-improvements to the laptop. As for the MacBook Pro, they had little to say about it and stated it will be receiving a new processor and potentially more hard drive space.

The publication is also stating that Apple will release a more economical MacBook Air. This would be on par with the rumor that Apple is to release a sub-iPhone 5, the iPhone 5S.

One rumor that’s floating around the media is in regards to the Retina displays. Some are stating that the new MacBook Air may feature it and others are saying that it will have the cinema display. Furthermore, rumors are thriving that the cinema displays will receive the thin iMac design but we’ll have to wait until Apple’s yearly WWDC event in California to find out.

[Source Macgasm]

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