Samsung Could Be Fined Up to $15 Billion For Attempting to Ban iPhones and iPads in Europe

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Apple and Samsung loathe one another as a consumer of each would know. According to sources, it appears that Samsung might have pushed the bar a little to far and the Korean company could be fined $15B with more serious repercussions. The report states, “Apple had offered to pay a licensing fee on the patents for 3G owned by Samsung and the Korean company’s demands for a sales ban were unjustified.” The commission would be fining them 10% of the companies worldwide turnover, in which Samsung would have to pay $15B.

This isn’t the first time that something like this has occurred. The Google-owned company Motorola Mobility may face similar penalties over its attempts to ban sales of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 due to patents relating to Wi-Fi and the H.264 video standard.

These fines may take affect in U.S. as well as Europe. One inquiry that the media might have is why isn’t Apple being penalized? The report states that Apple’s patents are not standard-esstenial patents.

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